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Welcome to PROAST web.

PROASTweb is a “work-in-progress” online tool with the purpose of simplifying the use of the Benchmark dose approach, i.e. dose-response analysis of toxicological data and derivation of a BMD confidence interval, the lower bound of which (the BMDL) is used as a Reference Point (Point of Departure) for risk assessment. The online tool provides a user interface to the PROAST software, which can also be run as a stand-alone tool. Therefore, the output of PROASTweb is identical to that from the stand-alone version (with the same version number) for a given analysis.

The use of PROASTweb will be particularly convenient for new users or users that only occasionally want to analyze dose-response data, and are less interested in more advanced options. The current version of PROASTweb can deal with continuous (individual or summary) data, as well as quantal data. Litter effects can be dealt with. Covariates can also be included in the analysis. For quantal data (with or without litter effects), there is an option to perform model averaging.

As a specific application, PROASTweb allows for calculating withdrawal periods of cow’s milk such that residue levels are low enough to make the milk safe for consumption.

Adequate interpretation of the results provided by PROAST is required when used as a basis of risk assessment. RIVM is not responsible for the consequences of the operational use of PROAST.